ASMR Network Nude Heart Beat Video (Topless)


  1. Her left nipple is purple/a bit bigger than her right/pink one. I am excited but I don’t know why, I am more when she plays teasing/flash reveal.
    It’s so short also… hey, it’s 17$. Even if I don’t paid for this, her followers should be frustrated. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good, but I feel it’s not intimate, a bit too pro. Maybe she could talk a bit before the end…

    • Good boobs but bad filming… put them on a large angle. Move a bit a don’t know! Are u a robot? U ain’t shy bc you show ur naughtiness but act poorly ^^ acting in front of the camera is a job you know, not everyone can do that! Practice more! Xxx

  2. A! Thanks ! You are the famous hero ! Decline your name and i’ll worship it.
    If you have the Masked’s one, you can’t imagine what a lesbian can do with her tongue. I ll be in your dream my lad.


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