AftynRose ASMR A Most Professional Eye Exam!

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    • Not you spamming cunts too. Look, fuck stick. We know you aren’t really a girl. You’re some dirty foreigner looking to promote your subpar camgirl site. Take your greasy ass back to the shithole you crawled out of.

    • You know how when you were young and thought getting a real pretty girl would be the best thing ever? After fucking them about 20 times, you start getting tired of even the ones you’d thought you’d marry.

      You’re not missing much. All girls really want is money and status. A woman isn’t the missing part of your life like you think it is. They’re just a movie you haven’t seen yet.

      • You sound like the uncle that seems cools at first but then you realize he’s actually just a lonely-ass sad bitch motherfucker writing facebook posts about how women only want the bad guys while crying and eating instant noodles in your basement for the sixth time that evening waiting for your mom to come back from the slut house

  1. Btw i am fine with her and not having every other video a sensual one. And i hope that she continues to make these kinda videos because it keep the excitement going on which i have with Ginger ASMR. I used to love Ginger’s trading videos but now it is all the same.
    I hope the same doesn’t happen with her

  2. incredible what you are discussing here.

    what do you want from her, that is her decision what she does.

    there are enough pages where you can see everything.

  3. Listen up y’all because I’m gonna be brief. She has mouths to feed so it doesn’t matter if she be showing her nasty ass pussy or not. We all got to jerk off out here, this is pretty good to me. We is good fellas who just want to yank to her tooth gap. Keep it up Austin rose!!

    • Ok faggot, you’ve rambled on long enough. That was probably the gayest shit I’ve read yet. First thing I want you to do is kill yourself. After that, I want you to give your stimulus check to that scraggly nigga laying on that corner over there. His name is Ralph. He’s a faggot too. Then, I want you to get a football and kick a 50yd field goal between this bitches teeth. Don’t fuck this up.

      • Wondering… What happened to dupose??? Looks like all the little Tricycle Rocker Asshole Kids that kicked out from the reg chan sites because they was too immature gathered here to stroke their crippled little Asshole Egos because no one else will do… Go back to your Sandboxes and play with the Dog Shit you found last Time, that’s good for you. Don’t bother the ones with Brains. Or even better, try to save your last Brain Cell, it MUST be somewhere in your Airheads. Weirdos…

    • Then only there was a platform where u can watch girls go full nude, a girl who listens to a whining asshole that complains and wants something new without supporting a single penny, and expects the free shit hes watching to be exactly what he wants.

  4. lmao this raw incel fury cus not enough titty tease. not that it was a good vid but why are you so upset

  5. This is a 10$ video which is not supposed to be SUPER sexy. why don’t you look at the fucking tiers.
    btw i don’t give one fuck about this bitch I just hate guys that bitch around all the time, shut the fuck up or go and masturbate. If you wanna see her nips just do some research. IF YOU COMMENT ON THIS YOU ARE GAY AND WILL SUCK MY DICK

  6. For youtube this would be fitting as ASMR, matching her other content on youtube. But having to pay for this each month is just a fucking joke.

    1$ a month for this shit and up to 20$ for the “DELICIOUSLY sexy videos” is a fucking ripoff

  7. Fucking garbage vid. I keep hyping myself every Friday that it’ll finally be better but it’s always a let down. I’d feel like a fucking idiot if I paid for this shit

  8. Trash. I feel sorry for the people who pay for this shit. I don’t give a fuck about y’all low testosterone bitches who don’t wanna see her nude or ruin “the magggggiccc” of this fat SquarePants teeth looking elf but her content is absolutely comical. Also if you’re having volume on during this 30min shit you’re the biggest cuck and simp in the universe

    • Im confused what your point is here. You call her fat and ugly pretty much, yet you still somehow seem interested in seeing her nude. Would it have been better if this fat and ugly elf was doing nude content? Why are you even here? There’s millions of porn videos out there that you can jerk off to you sad fuck. “I don’t give a fuck” – Dude, you give an awful lot of fucks. Stop trying to act like you’re not, when you probably can’t even look a girl in the eyes in real life you sad excuse of a human being.

      • Some niggas like you don’t get it do they?. Real MEN like me gotta do what they gotta do. Im a super high t hypersexual male. I’d literally fuck anything that’s moving. Even a fat whale like your asmr princess right here. Just because I dislike her doesn’t mean I can’t just close my eyes while I’m sticking my thick dick deep inside her vaginal hoods and fantasize about fucking a slim sexy 5’11 Victoria secret model instead. I wont cuff her you little ass virgin I’m just gonna nut and move on. “The magiiiiiiccccc, keep the magiccccc alive of not seeing her nude” you’re one of these simps on reddit who prefer getting stringed along and paying 15 a month only to hear her scratching her collarbone for 20 minutes or kissing the camera as an imaginary girlfriend of yours. Guess who’s the pathetic human being my nigga

          • more like frustration i’d say, ppl picture themselves as “hypersexual male” when they are not capable of doing anything other than jerkin off all day on imaginary hookups

        • Again, your comment doesn’t make any sort of sense, but i guess that’s what comes from being a stupid ass motherfucker wannabe with an iq below 100. You’re essentially saying that it doesn’t actually matter what you’re watching, because you can “fantasize about it” anyways. Yet we all see you here moaning about content. That doesn’t make any sense, but at the same time it does, because im sure that’s mostly where you get any sort of action you all talk beta male.. We all know you’re overweight and ugly as fuck irl, but on the internet you’re a 6’5 250 pounds all muscles sex god with a 15 inches dick.. You’re not fooling anyone.
          As for your last section, i wouldn’t mind seeing her going nude. Don’t know where you came up with some other sort of conclusion in your overly disturbed head. Yeah im definitely paying for this, that’s why im sitting here the very same day writing shit on dupose with a pathetic pos like you. (I probably have to explain this to you you fucking caveman: Im actually being sarcastic here.) Im not paying anything to watch this, which is also why it’s ridiculous to complain about it like you do. You probably spend every day on forums having rants about non issues that cavemen have.


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