Masked ASMR Forgotten Christmas Video


  1. Her:did you like your present?
    Me:well I was hoping for a Ps4 can I like give the present you gave me back and get a Ps4 in return?

  2. Shit aside but bois have u seen that glitter thingie at The beginning oh boi is that beautiful gonna get that for this year’s Christmas

  3. In fact just do professional straight porn and we will be happy. It’s gonna be just fine, you’ll be a-m-a-z-i-n-g ! And it pays awesome !

  4. Is this a kind of Frustration video? Many e-thots do this. When you can’t jerking off properly, waqte your time etc. It’s for ultimate cucks. Maybe it’s way over my hat but I think sometimes she did this stuff.

    • Yea the thing is this is a patron vid so what I mean by that this isnt even ment for real porn sites so I don’t think that she is going to make normal porn


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