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  1. How to overcome laziness? I am addicted to porn, I can’t stop myself but I want to….. I am a bit weak. I need help… I don’t know why I wrote there but I feel bad everyday, every single time. I don’t want to end alone.

    • Ayy bruh me too, if your under 25 I wouldn’t worry about it if your over 25 and you really think it’s a problem try maybe putting a porn blocker on your phone idk up tonyou

    • Same here cheif try to find something your passionate/interested in and everytime you think of watching porn just do the thing you like. Even if it’s cooking or something. Ngl I’m lazy af and I’m a little overweight with no motivation and music helps me out alot when I have no motivation to do anything. It can most of the time put me in a good mood.

    • Find something to do. Pick up a hobby and keep yourself busy. If you jack off mostly at night, work out or go jogging beforehand. This way you’ll often find yourself too tired

      • Thank you brothers, just to say that I read your advices and I thank you all, it’s hard because you know I don’t m addicted and have no esteem, 28, never had gf, but I love your advices and definitely wrote them on a notebook, right know. I hope you saw this reply someday.


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