AftynRose ASMR Snuggly Ear Licking Video!


  1. To sum up this comment section. A bunch of Leftists virgins are low on Soy and think they deserve free shit. They have never had success and never will so they get super mad when dumb whores are more successful than they are since it puts into perspective just how worthless they actually are. Now these nerds broke from CoViD19 and sexually frustrated are pretending to care about violent Negroids so they can get more free shit. You should all go find some rope. GG

  2. I had a cousin that stole my laptop that I was fucking bitches on paid that nigga 250 thousand just to get it from him… real friends…….ah


  4. I don’t think some of you guys realize that Aftyn wouldn’t even go topless before! She has improved a lot in the sexual category. I know that Aftyn will probably show her tits eventually but it’s not going to be soon. I want to beat my meat to her titties just as bad as all of you. I’ve learned to understand that she has a boyfriend/Husband so she might not ever show her pussy. It’s pretty sad that we all come here to watch some women do erotic asmr. Imma go fab to one of her dirty 30’s bye!

  5. Jesus fuck! Where did all the incels come from? And doxxing her because she’s filing DMCA’s? The fuck? Gonna ruin it for all of us by forcing her off the internet. Not sure why the fuck you cumstains do this, besides having a whole “let the world burn” kind of mentality. Why do you faggots always gotta ruin the good things? Now she’s never gonna get nude and will likely never post and make videos again…fucking retards.

    • The video quality has decreased and she’s getting paid a lot to make higher quality videos. If you worked at a job for lets say 5 years your manager would expect you to get better at your job since you’re getting paid. Her content quality is absolutely terrible

      • When it comes to copyright,It’s probably because she makes BANK to do this, and at this point, probably doesn’t care about people posting the videos for free. She’s already got a bunch of core fans that support her directly on Patreon so at this point she doesn’t care anymore. About a year or so ago when she cared and took down every copywritten thing she could. But she has over 2000 patreons now, most of them on the dirty thirty tier, so I doubt she cares as much. And frankly, I wouldn’t either. It’s not worth the energy. From a doxxing perspective, yeah that’s fucked up and shouldn’t happen, and whoevers doing that is a little creep who can’t just take her being they’re fap fantasy, but they need to find and share her infos. Those dude(or gals) are assholes.

      • If your not paying her your not her manager. Her job is to grow her patreon and I’d say shes done that well based on how upset you incels get over it, if she thinks the best way to grow that and hold onto it is to hold out then that’s her job. You gotta think she knows as soon as she gives it up then a sizeable portion of people will move on so why would she rush to? It’s a business decision from her and you don’t like how it affects you, get over it and fap to someone else.

    • Oh noes she might get run off the internet! She makes her money being a whore so fuck her, if she has no shame why would someone who wants to fucking ruin her life? Neckbeard soylets

  6. for bitches who are complaining, are you going crazy? leaking her personal information and the names of her family members, what do you think you will achieve? she already said she has anxiety imagine if she decides to end the videos because of a bunch of weird stalkers. use your brains, you idiots.

  7. Look at all the MGTOW comments and shit ! Fucking douchebags get a life you fuckers! You ain’t innocent at all! Low life scums!

  8. Everyone out here getting mad about her DMCA’ing all the good spots. If you don’t want her to DMCA stop telling the world where the good good is. I imagine eventually she will come here and DMCA this site as well.

  9. Guys, I just looked below in the comments and apparently Aftyn is her real name. Look, if she was dumb enough to put her real name, a name that very few people have and easily searchable, out there then she’ll probably never show nips or vadge. She knows that her family can easily see it. Girls have a way higher sense of shame than guys do.

    First rule of hoing, ladies. Use a fucking pseudonym. And Aftyn, here’s a tip… Showing your nips and vadge won’t make you any more shameful in the eyes of anyone that matters. The cat is already out of the bag. You’ve just mindfucked yourself into believing you’re skirting a line. No, you’re not. Any future employer or family member already thinks you do porn. Just because these neckbeards have blurred the lines doesn’t mean the normies have.

  10. She’s gonna get nude someday, but damn.. With all her punk ass followers, it’s gonna be a minute. Shout out to Everyone who Robs girls like this!! Y’all the real MVP’s!

  11. Eae conterrâneos do dólar 5 pila, esse vídeo tá bem ASMR padrão com um pouco de NSFW então já estejam avisados

  12. This cunt is singlehandedly fucking all the good subreddits with DMCA takedowns. I didn’t give a shit about her before but now I’m gonna make it my mission in life to make sure as many people get her content without paying for it as humanly possible. Fuck you, Pankratz.


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