AftynRose ASMR Girlfriend Needs Attention On This Stormy Night Video!


    • Nigga shut yo bitch ass up. The only thing we arguing about is how long my huge black dick is. It’s 12 inches and I’m gonna shove the whole thing deep inside of yo tight ass.

  1. this is kinda fucking gay. i just wanna listen to the sound of the rain and thunder but this stupid bitch keeps rambling on. just shut the fuck up for one second

  2. .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.

    __, ,___) ______) ,_) ,_) _____),_)
    (–|__| _, _ _ (–|_ _ ,_-|-|_ _ |_ (–| |
    _| |(_||_)|_)(_| _| (_)(_)| | | | (_)| |(_)|(_|
    ( | | ,_| ( |_, | (__| ,_|


  3. I fall in love with you aftyn…now I feel more like you kissing me…I love you so much…pls don’t play with matchstick be careful…you my most beautiful Princess of planet of earth…

  4. I just want to say thank you to user “I can say the n word” for making the video comments a joy to read. Every time I go to fap, I lose my boner laughing at the random shit you somehow pull out of your ass. You are doing the lords work.

  5. This bitch always makes me break my nofap streak. Her eye contact and sweetness sets her apart from the other ASMR “artists”. Most of the other bitches narcisstically stare at themselves, not even looking into the camera.

  6. Hey y’all! Dustin Bateman from Collinsville is a racist scam artist and his girlfriend is a prostitute. Give him a holler on Facebook!!! It’ll really make his day 🙂

  7. This video was chosen by me. Once a month she chooses one of her dirty30 patrons to request a video, and I told her I wanted whatever she wanted or was most comfortable with, that the other patrons would enjoy, but it had to be recorded during a thunderstorm. She had to wait until there was an authentic thunderstorm outside and let me tell you what, she did a really good job since at any time the thunder could have subsided and it did not. I guess this was the perfect storm for my asmr. really I dont care about the nipples or anything, Im glad they are in here so others can enjoy her videos for their reasons, but the sound of the thunder in this video lulls me into such a trance and then capped with her noises its just pure ecstacy and bliss.

    so you’re welcome

    • There was no thunderstorm, she put the sounds there, you can tell when she edits the video the thunderstorm doesn’t cut out.


  8. I’ve got my tiny dinger out with some real dangly dirty ass balls. I’m here to fuck eye sockets and rub my pp to Axl Rose.

    • Your balls are dirty? I’ve got an idea. After I’m done fucking your ass with my huge 12 inch black cock, you can you use the cum that drips out of your ass hole as body wash.

    • I’ll give you a facial once I’m done ramming your ass with my huge 12 inch black penis. Usually, I like to cum in someone’s ass and fill it with cum, but for you, I’ll make an exception.

  9. 34:46 another nip slip
    35:06 pinching both nips
    35:38 little slip.
    Better get your screenshots in my dudes she tends to do this then edit it out later.
    Also for once a pretty sexy video not her usual same thing over and over

    • you’re so fucking stupid you fucking idiot moron. She obviously knew she showed her nipples. If it was an accident she wouldn’t have kept it in

  10. Sweet baby Jesus in heaven!! Wot in tarnation! I’m touching myself tonight ooooweee heeehaaa. Autism rose thank you so much for video now it’s for me to grab that old bottle of mayonnaise and rub my 2 inch cock until I cum then I eat the cum and mayonnaise of the bottle. Thank you Autism Rose, and I hope that negro with the 12 millimeter cock won’t comment on my post.

    • Ha you think being racist to black people will stop people replying? How sad filthy white boy. What did someone black fuck your mom in front of you again? Well it’s not our fault she only charges a mcdonalds hamburger for a fuck.

    • I read in a Buzzfeed article that the cure for anger is a 12 inch cock in your ass. If that’s true, then go ahead and bend over and let daddy get rid of that anger, and your virginity, but mostly your anger.

        • I took 5 Viagra pills when I was 5 and my cock has been rock hard ever since. It’s both a blessing and a curse. That’s why I last so long in bed. I can cum in your ass and still be just as hard as when we started, meaning I can fuck that tight ass of yours all night until the sun comes up.

    BUT NOT AS MUCH AS NINJA PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO 777777777777777777777777777777777

    • You lost your virginity that’s what you lost. To me. The nigga with a giant 12 inch cock. I remember you couldn’t sit down for a week because yo was was hurting. Give me a call some time if you’re ready for round 2.

      • I believe the number 12 has more to do with your age than your dick size. Thank you, have a nice day!

        • I think you’re onto something detective! Now that I think about it, my cock was 12 inches when I was 12 years old, and even before that. Perhaps I was born with my cock being as big as it is today. I was given a gift, and I won’t let it go to waste. I fuck as many people in the ass as I can so they all know what black dick feels like.

    • Yeah thank God I’m not one of those losers, now pull your pants down I’m gonna fuck that tight ass real quick.

  12. I think I freaking adore teasing shows more than ever than factual pornography. Sweet Mother Earth, it was mega hot, I need a shower. Uff. It was literally perfect.
    No need to see another e-girl for me, I am highly satisfied with her content. It was worth the wait. Wow.

        • Speaking of makeup, you need to makeup your mind wether or not you want me to wear a condom before I fuck your tight ass with my giant 12 inch black cock. I’m gonna cover you in so much cum you’ll look like a glazed donut.

    • You gotta be the dumbest nigga I ever met. Bitches like Belle Delphine have an Onlyfans and they still don’t post nudity. If Aftynrose made an Onlyfans account, why would you expect a change in the content?

    • Double nipples? Nah. Double black cock. I’ll bring my nigga Damascus over to yo house and we both gonna fuck yo ass with our huge 12 inch black dicks.

        • A racists? You know what we do to racists in Africa? We tie them to a chair, with a TV in front of them, and we force them to watch every shitty Amy Schumer movie that’s ever been released. You probably thought I was going to say something penis related. We flip a coin while our victim is tied to the chair begging to be let go. Heads, we gangbang them with our huge 12 inch cocks. Tails we force them to watch Amy Schumer. Lucky for you it was Tails.

    • Wow, the perfect cock. Yeah that’s right, my huge 12 inch African dick has no imperfections. Don’t believe me? Get a close up look at it. Smell it. Give it a taste. Shoot you might as well give me a blowjob.

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    • Oh, finally they made condoms that are large enough to fit on my massive 12 inch African penis. I think people call them… “trash bags”? I’ll have to look for some when I go to Wal-Mart.



      • Nah nigga I got a question. How many inches of my 12 inch black cock can you fit in your ass? 5? 6? Maybe 7? Maybe you’ll be one of the few people who can take all 12 inches. Let’s find out. Right now nigga. Pull them pants down and bend over.

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        • Even when I’m dead, my 12 inch black penis will still be rock hard. Did I ever tell you about that. When I was 5 years old, I was going through my dads dresser and I found some Viagra. Because I couldn’t read that well. I just thought it was candy. I ate 5 of them in only a couple minutes. Ever since that day, my massive cock has never gotten soft.

      • You like puns? Okay here is one for you. Guess who my favorite wrestler is? Dwane The Cock Johnson. That was a good one I think I deserve a blowjob because that was so funny. Get on your knees and deepthroat my massive 12 inch black cock.

    • What’s up my nigga. Together we will rule the galaxy. We will fuck the asss of anyone who dares to challenge us.

        • I don’t know what swarthy means and I’m too lazy to look it up. I assume it roughly translates to “I wish I had some dick in my ass” and if that’s what you wan’t, I’m the right person for the job. I’ll fuck your tight ass until you beg me to stop, and then I’ll keep on going.


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