AftynRose ASMR Cute Ghost Girl Video!


    • Not everyday, because then she’d turn into the greedy moneywhoring that ASMR Network and Masked ASMR do. Aftyn can do some decent, if sadly non nude, content. Those two bimbos can’t at this point.

  1. She knows she’s the best, & has all our attention with her seductive voice, gorgeous body, & sensational mouth and tongue and Ahegao stares! A part of each of us was truly empty without her… like trying to breathe without lungs, or pump blood with no heart. The true Queen of ASMR has returned 👑🌹💜!!!

  2. The “you can see me?” part i joined in like “omg yes i can see you where have you been xD” it was almost as if she knew she’d been gone a while 😛

  3. She is so iconic. I love her spirit. Wife is back, so glad. It’s a blessing day.
    It’s time to fully support her now. Not the bitches who tried and failed after her.
    She is an absolute keeper, very romantic, not gross at all, very kind and smart. She know how to please men. She is not a top model but I find her attractive, very feminine and I like the way she make to her audience comfortable. It’s a pretty soothing soft teasing Asmr. Perfect combo.

      • I already support her on Patreon, you absolute dipshit. I advice everyone here to do the same. YOU watch her shit for free.
        She know how to please men, what is the problem? Work or hobby, she is not like Masked or other bs bitches.
        Go jack off on your chest again, filio di putana.


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