Mia Khalifa Teaches Virgin Fan How To Have Sex, Then Fucks Him! Watch free porn here!


  1. the least you can do is let a virgin go in bare. I mean, like a porn star isn’t on birth control anyway. But obviously this is all made up, a real virgin would have shot their load in a minute. Shit i’m not a virgin and likely would if i fucked this hot slut and just jerking off to this takes me less than 5 mins and it can’t feel as good as her warm cum dumpster. Though it’s possible her pussy is not that great, it’s probably loose as fuck seeing as she’d has so many dicks in there and she likely started really young. And she’s probably not even wet too because that ho is used to fucking with hunks. The awkwardness well that looks more like normal first time sex to me. Also i’ve had sex with some of those bitches that think they’re too hot for you and that’s how they tend to be, like they’re almost thinking “fuck i cant believe i’m letting you to this with me”. Meanwhile you’re thinking, “i don’t give a shit what you think at this point, i’m pounding your cunt and i’m minutes to seconds away from nutting in it, so act precious all you want whore, i already won the moment i slipped it in you”.

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  3. Fucking Epic 🤣 She didnt cum but damn! she couldnt stop laughing lmao! Same here, Video was hot and funny he was just too awkward 💀 Like, how are you gonna be soft near her?! I wouldve been hard walking in that room


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